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The Usual Suspects

There has been an ageless battle warring on the home front between Humans and those Invasive Pest species ever since time began. Some battles have been hard fought and won but many more along the way have sadly been lost. In the past our best and often only form of defence was to reach for the can of bug spray and a thong, but not anymore!...

Welcome to the new age of technology vs pests.

Here at The Usual Suspects Pest Control we have chosen to take a new direction, create a new pathway and embrace the technological age in the fight to protect your home, your assets and your health from those invasive little critters.

In utilizing the latest in pest inspection gadgetry such as our high resolution thermal image cameras, moisture meters and our new Trail cameras we are able to detect the source of your pest problem and prevent its re-occurrence. All staff are thoroughly trained and have the knowledge, skill and ability to easily recognise the tell tale heat signatures that are given off from all living creatures allowing us to efficiently locate, correctly diagnose and apply the right treatment to your pest invasion.

Our first form of defence is to inspect your property to find the cause of your pest problem while also being on the look out for any other potential problems. After analysis, we will offer a solution that best suits your pest problem which in many cases may include implementing various non-pesticide control

Online Prices

  • Ants $165.00 
  • Bees & Wasps $155.00
  • Fleas (end of lease) $125.00
  • Spiders $140.00
  • Rodents $125.00
  • Pre-Purchase from $165.00
  • Annual Inspections $120.00
  • German Cockroaches $165.00