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Termites Control Perth WAEnjoy peace of mind by using our professional team here at The Usual Suspects Pest Control. All staff are fully trained in detecting the presence of termites/white ants, wood borers and timber fungal decay that could be eating away at your home without you even knowing!

We know that using an affordable local pest inspection service makes perfect sense and is an essential part of good housekeeping whether you're buying or selling your home.

We understand how important it is to locate an invasion of white ants/termites before they eat into your home or business.

We see the wisdom in monitoring your home for termite activity and taking action whenever it's needed.

When you call us for your pest control needs our highly trained Perth pest control professionals know how to professionally inspect your home, property or place of business thoroughly. We then evaluate what we find and pinpoint exactly what needs to happen to keep you pest-free and worry-free.

When it comes to protecting your home from termites there are many options, some of our more popular and most successful options are:

1. Termite Chemical Barrier

White Ants Treatment Perth

A full termite chemical barrier around your property is the only way to fully protect your home from a termite attack. The Drilling and Injecting of a repellant or non-repellant chemical around your home is the number one tried and tested method to prevent an invasion. Termite barriers are not limited to solely house slabs, we can also effectively treat garden sheds, house extensions and granny flats.

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2. In-ground baiting

Inground baiting

In ground baiting stations are designed to intercept any foraging termites and to concentrate their feeding to inside the small plastic bait stations. In-ground Stations contain timber interceptors which termites find irresistible. These need to be inspected on a regular basis until the termites have been intercepted and have begun feeding.  At this point we will add a Requiem Termite Bait to the In-ground Station. Requiem is a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor designed to prevent the growth and natural moulting process of the termite .This results in the elimination of the colony whilst avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in the environment.

3. Tree Stump/Spot Treatments

If a Termite nest/colony has been detected on your property then the simplest and often the most cost  effective method of treatment is to Spot treat the problem. Termites love to build nests in and around wooden fence posts, old tree stumps, wood piles and in heavily mulched garden beds. Once located a non-repellent chemical will be applied directly to the nest to destroy the colony.

Tree Stumps if left untreated will provide an ideal habitat for a termite colony to thrive as the slowly decaying wood will now become food for the entire colony plus the trees hidden root systems now operate as an underground highway for termites to freely move along and remain completely undetectable to any known inspections techniques and potentially cause a breach of your homes termite barrier. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Are you about to purchase a new home? Don’t let your greatest asset in life turn out to be a nightmare. By using our Thermal Image Cameras we can detect the smallest of heat signature changes down to O.1 of a degree. All Pre-Purchase inspections are carried out in accordance to AS 4349.3 and come with a full written report.

Termite visible with thermal camera Home Pest Control Perth

Timber Pest Inspections

Timber Pest Inspection PerthDid you know that timber pests are the number 1 cause of structural damage to all homes in Australia. The only way for a home owner to ensure that their home is free from a Termite or a Timber pest infestation is with an Annual Timber inspection. Having a full home inspection carried out at least every 12 months is essential as very few Insurance companies will cover your home for termite damage.