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Mice-removal-PerthWhy do I have Rodents? 

Both rats and mice will enter your home in search of shelter, food, and water. Although it is more common to find them nesting and living outside, they will also stay in buildings and properties if the right conditions exist. They will gain entry to properties through cracks and holes, but also through openings that have been made for utilities. The size of hole required will differ by species. For example, an adult common house mouse can fit through a hole no bigger than a dime or squeeze through a crack the width of a pencil.

Rodent baiting programs can be set up to give you year round protection, we can also offer rodent proofing suggestions to help prevent an infestation occurring. Click here to view our latest rodent treatment offer - Rodent Treatment Special

Rodent Demolition Treatments

Perth is certainly growing up fast! With the demand for high density living ever increasing there really couldn't be a better time to subdivide your block but before you go knocking down your old home or dwelling please make sure you have undertaken a full property Rodent treatment.

A Rodent Demolition treatment is a mandatory requirement by all Perth shires. Each shire/council will have its own set of unique rules and demands when it comes to the placement and duration of the baits. Baiting times may range from 1-4 weeks with some councils requiring a visual inspection of the property.

Allow us to take the headache out of the process, feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.