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Removing a possum or a family of possums from a roof void can be a very involved and often highly frustrating process. Possums are very much at home in our roof spaces so attempting to capture them by hand is virtually impossible. As a result the best and often our only way to remove them from the roof is with the aid of traps.

So whats Involved

  • The exterior of the property is firstly inspected to identify all potential entry points and travel ways.
  • A Thermal camera is taken into the roof space to help identify the location of the possums. 
  • 2 baited (non-poisonous) Possum Traps will be strategically placed by our staff on the property in order to capture the animals.
  • Once captured, it is the responsibility of the client to notify us ASAP by calling 0417 095 606 or emailing so we can relocate the possums as quickly as possible.
  • It's unlawful to relocate a possum far from its home range, all captured possums will need to be released at the nearest and safest possible location and yes this often means relocating them to the park across the road.
  • It is now the home owners responsibility to possum proof all entry points to prevent them from returning. Arrangements can be made for us to undertake this work but this will result in extra costs.


  • Trap Hire (2 traps for 2 weeks) $155
  • First call out / removal is Free
  • per extra removal $85