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FlealsHumans are an ideal host for fleas and even our pets can often become infested. Adult fleas need blood and will feed on us and our pets. In warmer weather they can multiply at an astonishing rate and therefore it is important to put in place an effective flea control program to break the cycle.

Symptoms from flea bites can range from a localized skin irritation and swelling right up to sickness and even death.

We use a variety of formulations to treat your property. An insecticide dust can be placed in your roof void and sub floor. We also treat various areas inside your home including hard floor surfaces, carpets, rugs, sofas and under furniture. Outside areas such as patios, garden beds and lawn can also be treated.

We use the safest pesticides available and recommend an insect growth regulator which interrupts the life cycle of the flea. These IGR’s enhance the treatment and are amongst the safest products available.

End of lease flea Treatment

A flea treatment may be required under the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. This may be a general condition at the end of the lease or a special requirement if you have pets such as a dog or a cat.